Chemical Engineering is a discipline concerned with developing processes and designing and operating plants to change materials’ physical or chemical states. It deals with the technology of large-scale chemical production and the manufacture of products through chemical processes in an economical and safe manner. Chemical engineers have the chance to work in the development of new products, production devices and equipment, in design and installation, investigation of factories’ safety and efficiency, and in sales and marketing departments. They may establish their own enterprises and thereby create high-end technology using the raw materials available in their countries. The products of interest cover a wide range including plastics and resins, paints and electro-coatings, soaps and detergents, half- conductors, integrated circuits, CD and computer chips, ceramics, cement, polymer composites, petrol and petrochemical products, synthetic fibers, textile, cosmetics, catalysts, biomedical devices and systems, gene technology, medicine, enzymes and yeasts, food and other materials used in daily life. In these respects, chemical engineers act as a bridge between chemists and industry.

Department of Chemical Engineering trains chemical engineers that can fulfill the population’s needs with its computerized laboratories of the latest technology; realize cooperation with the industry by administrating project-based, student centered active education.

The Department which offers undergraduate, master’s and PhD. programs gives priority to decent education supported by research. Student to faculty ratio is kept low to assure that each student’s progress is being supervised throughout their studies. The undergraduate curriculum which is built on the basic sciences and other branches of engineering to accomplish these objectives is structured in such a way that students can specialize in one of the four tracks: Product and Process Engineering Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, Environmental and Energy Technologies, Materials and  Surface Science. The progress of the department is accredited by MÜDEK (The Evaluation and Accreditation Foundation of Engineering Education Programs). Accordingly, our department has deserved to receive the label EUR-ACE (European Accredited Engineering Program) given by ENAEE ( European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education).

Emphasis is high on the graduate education in Master of Science and the PhD. Degree programs which is one of the major reasons for the foundation of Izmir Institute of Technology. The research efforts are fundamental in nature, that is, each of the faculty focuses on understanding the basic chemical, physical, and biological phenomena that underlie the engineering research problem under consideration. Also research projects on new grounds in engineering science and development of new technologies are investigated for the solution of important industrial problems. Current research topics cover various areas of bioengineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pollution control, energy technologies, catalyst reaction engineering, chemical technologies, composite materials, microporous materials, polymer science and technology, process control and transportation.

Erol Seker, PhD

Professor and Chair

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