Alumni Day of Chemical Engineering Department

As the Department of Chemical Engineering, traditionally every year since 2005, in June, the “İYTE Chemical Engineering Graduate Day” event is held on the last day of the Spring education term.

As part of this event, students who will graduate make poster presentations of their graduation projects and the award ceremony takes place after the jury’s evaluation.

Engineering Design Projects, which are prepared under a new theme every year, are presented to our invited industrialists, academics, public, chambers, alumni, education and human resources experts, management consultants and student representatives.

Our Advisory Board meetings are held with the participation of all our guests, new and former graduates, industrialists and academics. Within the scope of our department’s educational objectives – program outputs, evaluations are made that help us to identify our shortcomings and achieve gains in order to improve our department in line with the needs of technology and industry.

The last Alumni Day Program was held on 10 June 2022. This year, unlike other years, 20-minute presentations of many companies have been added to our program under the title of “Company  Presentations”. OUR 2022 GRADUATION DAY PROGRAM

Photos from our Alumni Day Events in different years: