General Information

IzTech Chemical Engineering Introduction

IzTech trains chemical engineers through project-based and student-centered active learning with the latest technologies and computerized laboratories to effectively address social needs.

The Department offers undergraduate, Master’s, and PhD programs, and values quality education supported by research. Our students’ progress is supervised throughout their studies with a low student to faculty ratio.


Undergraduate Education

The undergraduate curriculum is based on the basic sciences and other branches, and is structured in such a way that students can specialize in one of four tracks: 

• Product and Process Engineering

• Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering

• Environmental and Energy Technologies

• Materials and Surface Science

The students of the IzTech Chemical Engineering Department must complete a summer internship in the industry for 40 business days. They also have the opportunity to enroll in the COOP program to work in the industry one day a week for one semester.


Graduate Education

The Izmir Institute of Technology gives great importance to graduate programs in particular, since these are one of the major reasons for the founding of the university. 

Research efforts are fundamental in nature; that is, faculty and students focus on understanding the basic chemical, physical, and biological phenomena that underlie the engineering research problem under consideration.

In addition, faculty and students undertake research projects on new areas of engineering science and development of new technologies to find solutions to important industrial problems.

Current research topics cover various areas of bioengineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pollution control, energy technologies, catalyst reaction engineering, chemical technologies, composite materials, microporous materials, polymer science and technology, process control and transportation.